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taxi top advertising your ad hereOne of the most effective and exciting ways to advertise your company, products and services in Lexington, KY is Taxi Top Advertising. Our dazzling LED taxi top captures the attention of your potential customers by displaying products, colorful photos, and videos in different display formats. To learn more about our taxi Top Advertising, you can email us at info@taxionelex.com or give us a call at (859)308-6555

Lexington, Kentucky demographics and info:

Taxi One of Lexington Downtown Lexington

  • Known as the “Horse Capital of the World”
  • Second-largest city in Kentucky, attracting many in-state residents
  • Population 295,803 (consolidated city-county)
  • 2.5 million overnight visitors
  • Metropolitan Area 472,099
  • Combined Statistical Area 687,173
  • 1,104,558 passengers at the Taxi One Of Lexington Airport in 2010
  • Tourism has a $1.5 billion economic impact
  • Taxis carry a majority of non-resident transportation from the airport

“Taxi advertising offers superior levels of recall (45%), reaching local business, and tourists in route to and from the airport, sporting events, shopping centers and restaurants.”

  • -Outdoor Advertising Association of America

“When subjects were asked what ad they recalled seeing on a taxi, significant portions of the subjects responded [the name of the movie advertised on the taxi top]. [The research showed] The taxi media ad was accurately delivering the message to the desired audience.”

  • -ClearChannel Taxi Media

“One of the most cost effective advertising options.”

  • -Outdoor Advertising Association of America

Taxi Top effectiveness

  • Targets vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Excellent advertising medium for reaching a target audience as they arrive, circulate and depart Lexington
  • Gains audience attention while in transit from airport to hotel, home to work, meeting to meeting, or taking a walk on the streets
  • TAXIS are where the PEOPLE are
  • Reaches the daily consumer on-the-go: where they LIVE, WORK and PLAY
  • Brings YOUR MESSAGE before consumers 24 hours per day/7 days per week
  • City-wide coverage for campaign*
  • Posts large volume campaigns within a very short time period*
  • Circulate close to point of purchase
  • BIG reach, SIMPLE, DIRECT message
  • Digital Dispatch in taxi will provide data for target marketing

Compare to other forms of advertising:

  • Low cost per thousand impressions
  • High reach, high frequency, inescapeable viewing!
  • Cannot be thrown away!
  • Cannot be switched off!
  • Takes your message where the customers are: Mobile, 24/7 exposure
  • Reaches desirable areas of Lexington where other outdoor advertising is not allowed
  • Burke Research states ecall rates: Alternative media 92%, TV 13%, Newspaper 3%, Radio 2%

Benefits of Taxi Advertising:

  • Provides cost-effective brand awareness
  • Goes where people go: PRIME LOCATION
  • STAND ALONE advertising around the city
  • Works whether stationary or moving
  • Mode of transportation for TOURISM
  • Illuminated signs…provide visible advertising day and night
  • Illuminated advertising increases impact
  • Takes your message to the consumer
  • Targeted, intrusive and highly effective
  • Eye level, constantly on the move
  • In the center of interaction: advertising messages are most effective when received close to the purchase
  • Target Impulse Buyers
  • Average consumer spends 15 hours a week in the car

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